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This has been an amazing time in the Drumm household.  This kickstarter has funded a project, a business, and changed our lives.  How?  We are off to change the world.  

It won’t be some meglamaniacal master plan… it won’t be jets and limos… it will be teaching kids, supporting families, and schools… maybe helping a retired gentleman find a new hobby.  It will be model trains, action figures, washing machine knobs and a gaggle of new things I haven’t even seen before.  

These printers – all of them – not just Printrbot are the tools that are increasingly in the hands of kids and adults that will shape the world with what they create.  

We are the underdogs of 3D printing – fresh out of the gate – and who knows what lies ahead!?

We are thrilled to be a part of this movement.

Thank you.