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Here at Printrbot, we are committed to the using our printers to help kids learn, dream, and create. Which is why we were thrilled to read that Janet Pinto, CAO of Curriki, did an informative and inspiring interview with middle school teacher Christine Mytko about how her students are learning with their Printrbot. Christine became fascinated with 3D printing at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, but was discouraged at the price range of 3D printers. She met Brook at the NextGen Science Fair, and a few months later, Brook delivered their “affordable and recently-purchased Printrbot!”

“The Printrbot,” says Christine in her interview, “offers an experience that more closely resembles learning in real life. We have an idea of what we want, and have access to this excellent tool, but it will take a lot of tinkering and trial and error before we even begin to experience success.”

Christine loves how she can have such technical conversations with her 11-year-old students. She is most impressed, however, with “how the Printrbot inspires perseverance among the kids working with it.  These kids are willing to try and fail and try and fail again. However instead of becoming frustrated, they become more creative in their thinking and more motivated to find a solution.”

Take a moment to read the interview, and share with us, Christine, and the teaching community, your ideas for more ways to use 3D printing in the classroom.