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Greetings all!!

We have the official BOMS (bill of materials) available now for all 3 models of the printrbots!

**note: as of 5-30-2012, these are the updated and CORRECTED BOMS for the LC and PLUS. (the original pb bom stays the same.)

printrbot (original) BOM
original printrbot Build videos (see printrbot playlist on youtube)!

printrbot LC BOM
printrbot PLUS
(PLUS videos to come soon too–though VERY similar to the LC. The main difference is that you don’t need part 109 — the electronics mount to the inside of the base with 4 screws and standoffs.
Obviously there are size differences but otherwise it goes together the same.)

Many thanks to all for your patience!!

We will continue updating this page as more instructions become available.