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I just wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that I am taking another swing at a kickstarter campaign:

Printrbot jr. : Your kid’s first 3D printer

The idea is to buy TWO Printrbot jr. kits for $700.  Keep one and build it.  GIVE ONE AWAY TO A LOCAL SCHOOL.  We also have a “half-pack” of ONE if students want to raise their own funds to buy one.

Those of you who have been along for the ride know I have learned a lot this year, both through my mistakes and simple experience.  I really want 3D printing to make it’s way into the local schoos around the world – and into the hands of students.  THIS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.  Not because the tech is cool (and IT IS!), but because young people are so creative and the world is changing.  It will be amazing to see what these young students do with this technology.

Whether you are knee deep in this new 3D printing world, or still not convinced it’s time has come — I invite you to tell a local school, club, or student about our project.  We really want this to be part of the Printrbot story – helping schools and students alike.  We are excited to see where it goes, and how these kids will soon change the world.

Thanks for your part in this story and as a valued member of the Printrbot community!

Happy printing,
Brook Drumm