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Super Z 1The Printrbot Plus now has the long-promised “Super-Z” height expansion available in the store at!  With this upgrade, you can now print 23 inches tall on the 8×8 print bed.  That is over 1400 cubic inches! We will sell it for $199 but the sale today and this weekend will offer it for $149.

Now we want to see what you can do with it.  To my knowledge, there are no designs to take advantage of a 23 inch Z height… so your designs and uploads to Thingiverse will be among the biggest ever published.  Join this elite club by building the upgrade and posting a design!  Make those “other” 3d printer owners jealous at what you can do in one print!

Tease: Next week will bring the double-deep, doubling the Y axis and doubling the print volume again to a staggering 2800 cubic inches.  A few days later and you can have the double-deep, double wide expansion to add to your new Super-Z upgrade.  That will bring the total build volume to a ridiculous 5600 cubic inches. If you need more width, the Double-Wide will be available in a Triple-Wide flavor as well.  Why not go crazy while we are at it?

All this to say, we have won the war for the largest print volume.  And we can deliver in several configurations.  How’s that for thinking out of the box? Designing out of the box does pay.

Happy printing (and designing!),