PrintrPiPrintrbot meets lots of cool people.  Mick is one of them… he has prepared an image for your Raspberry Pi that has Octoprint installed with camera support out of the box. The cool thing about this image is that it sets up an ad hoc wifi network  on bootup.  With this setup, you can take your Printrbot anywhere and control it from your phone, your ipad, android… whatever.  Octoprint supports streaming AND time lapse, so if you have the official Pi camera, you can watch your print as it progresses.

If you want to test this and help us create a fun alternative solution for your Printrbot – download the image here:

User: pi

Password: printrbot

If you connect your Raspberry Pi ethernet port to your router, point your browser to: http://printrbot.local

If you connect using wifi, connect to the the ad hoc network titled: printrbot (no password) and point your browser to:

Enjoy and give us feedback on your experience!