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I was able to use a Printrbot Jr. for my summer camp that I ran this year at the school where I teach.  The purpose of the camp was to get kids to think about building and inventing, so the Printrbot was the perfect accessory.  I dedicated a whole day to learning 3D modeling and having the kids choose designs to print.  The kids absolutely loved it!  They learned about how the printer was made/assembled, learned about designing in 3-D, and finally designed and printed their own ideas (from name-tags to model airplanes).

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They were fascinated by the printer itself, lots of “whoa, that’s a 3D printer?!” They were even content just watching the printer run (in silence, so you know they were interested) for a half hour before the lesson even started.  I got a lot of positive feedback from the parents about the ‘3-D printer day’ at camp.  I also got a chance to show off the Jr some other teachers who might have been even more blown away than the kids.

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A BIG thank you to Printrbot for allowing this opportunity for the kids, I know they won’t soon forget that experience!

Thank you again!

Drew Lentz

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