A new dawnBy Luis Ibanez from Opensource.com

If you’re looking around for 3D printers that are both inexpensive and open source friendly, the Printrbot Simple Kit will probably catch your attention.

This Kit sells for close to $300, and for our team required a full-day of DIY assembly, though skilled makers might be able to put it together in four hours or so. Our team was made up of three PhDs and two R&D engineers, and it took us close to eight hours to complete the assembly, which of course included some philosophical and licensing discussions and a couple of trips to the hardware store. It was indeed a lot of fun!

This printer is a great device for taking your first steps into the world of 3D printing. As we assembled it, it became very clear how the printer works and that knowledge became quite valuable down the road when we were fine-tuning the printer to adjust it to specific objects.

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