By Vivek Kumar, Operations Manager, EduRobo

EduRobo aims to raise awareness about robotics. With new technologies coming up, 3D printing is one which is changing the era of fabrication and molding. Thus it is necessary to spread the knowledge about 3D printing where Printrbot is one of the pioneers in the industry.

EduRobo specializes in training on Robotics and gives practical demonstration on different types of sensors, controllers and logical operations. We imply our own ideas to create different robots and their components through the use of a Printrbot .

3D printing with Printrbot is a combination of 3D modeling and 3D printing. Edurobo not only trains about how to print objects, but we also provide in-depth know-how on 3D modeling too, which is the primary step to design the desired object.

Students at EduRobo can practically learn through trial and error method by printing out their projects or any ideas in their mind with assistance from skilled trainers.

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