We are extending lower ABS/PLA filament prices to the world!

Oh, and we are closing down the Print Club. ūüôĀ

Yeah, that sounds like marketing spin. I hate marketing spin, so I will level with you…

Printrbot has set out to bring down the cost of ABS/PLA filament, but I now see that a subscription club isn’t enough to disrupt the market.¬† Instead, we are dramatically lowering our ABS/PLA filament prices on¬†printrbot.com

Now on Printrbot.com

.5kg ABS/PLA $11.99

1kg ABS/PLA $19.99 (while supplies last)

I wish shipping didn’t cost as much as it does. The beauty of Print Club was that sweet spot we found in shipping cost, weight and package size.¬† However, 1kg/mo was often too much filament for the average person, so that constraint doesn’t translate well to every customer.¬† Some Print Club Alumni will see a slightly higher total cost, some will see a lower total cost when comparing apples to apples on the value of Print Club verses equal value ABS/PLA ¬†now available on¬†printrbot.com.¬† I will do my best to pass on any shipping cost savings I find in the future to my customers.

My sincerest thanks to all of you who convinced me that filament prices are, indeed, inflated and need to come down.  As a small token of my appreciation, I am offering a 10% discount on all filament purchases on printrbot.com using the code below (Good until August 15th).

Final Notes:

  • We have cancelled all future recurring fees
  • We are up to date on all payments (everyone is paid up, no one has overpaid)
  • We shipped all active member’s July filament today, including in-store purchases
  • 30 day Filament Coupon (10% off) is now active! Coupon code is: IPROMISENOTTOPOSTONTWITTER

Please forgive any inconvenience this may have caused. And thank you all so much.

Happy Printing,

Brook Drumm