By Rocklin Unified School District, Contact Diana Capra, Chief, Communications and Community Engagement, (916) 757-4987

‘Super Scientist’ Presenters Inspire More Than 400 Students at Valley View Elementary School’s 2nd Annual STEM Expo

“This is so cool!” “It was neat seeing the inside of the news van but it smelled funny!” “My favorite was the FBI crime scene set-up!”  Those were just of the comments from Valley View Elementary school students attending the school’s 2nd Annual Science-Technology-Engineering and Math (STEM) Expo. More than just a simple ‘science fair, the students were able to connect learning and real-life scenarios during visual demonstrations, meet and greets with STEM experts and hands on experiments. The goal? Expose and motivate the kids in STEM subjects and possible careers for their futures.  And the kids were captivated by each and everyone of the Super Scientist Presenters!