I have been asked about what LCD panel works with the Printrboard. We produced a couple versions, but they are no longer for sale on our site.  If you want to get one to add to your Printrboard, all versions support them. Since pins don’t match up perfectly, I bought a cheap LCD to try it out.

I got this one:

If you buy another brand, get one that LOOKS just like this. Do not get the 5 button jobbie… it sucks. Keep in mind, you cant use the SD card slot on the LCD panel, but the micro sd slot on the printrboard will still work with it.
Anyway, it is documented all over the place, but I also found incorrect advice out there so I wanted to set the record straight on how to connect the cheap LCD panel.
Option 1, Plug and Play
Buy this guy …https://www.ebay.com/itm/PrintrBot-LCD-Display-Adapter-Board-/122902921396
Option 2, Wire it yourself
Roll your own wires… a great tutorial here: http://rs-micro.com/?p=285
Interestingly, you can directly wire only a Panelolu screen. I did that. You can also wire up your own rotary encoder too… I tried and failed on that one, but good info is here:
Good luck!
PS: because I know people will ask…

PrintrBoard 14 Pin EXP2

PIN1 – GND PIN2 – 5V
PIN3 – N/C PIN4 – N/C
PIN5 – D7 PIN6 – D6
PIN7 – D5 PIN8 – D4
PIN9 – N/C PIN10 – E