Printrboard G2:

While it has been mistaken as a “direct replacement” for previous Printrboards (Rev D / Rev F), the G2 is different in many ways.  The primary difference is that earlier Printrboards operate on Marlin commands, while the G2 is TinyG.  If you are not familiar with TinyG and have not spent a lot of time with the G2 board, the learning curve can be steep for some.  However, the G2 is more sophisticated, and with a little bit of tinkering, you will find that it is highly customizable.  See below, resources and supplemental start Gcode for customization.  Happy printing!


Download G2 .bin Files (all bin files are in the folder: Play, Simple, Simple Pro, Plus) Download G2 Gerber Files

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Supplemental Start Gcode Directory


    Travel per Revolution

    • tr = travel per revolution

    “How far the mapped axis moves per motor revolution.”  If you have installed 4-Start Lead Screw on your Printrbot (Simple Super Z Upgrade with 4 Start Lead Screw or Z Lead Screw 4-Start Upgrade for other Printrbots), enter the motor number that you would like to specify rotation.  For instance, the Z-axis is motor 2 and you are using an 8mm diameter lead screw.  The travel per revolution would be “2tr:8”.


    Cura (v3.2)

    M100.1 ({{2tr:8}}) ; Motor 2.  Total rotation is 8mm




    Extruder Feed & Jerk

    • ara = This affects steps per mm but is doing it by specifying the gear radius
    • afr = adjust feed rate
    • ajm = adjust jerk motion

    Depending on the type of drive gear you are using in your extruder, you may want to adjust the _ (ara), the feed rate (afr), and jerk motion (ajm).


    M100.1 ({{ara:4.28394}}) ; 
    M100.1 ({{afr:16050}}) ; adjust feedrate
    M100.1 ({{ajm:162000}}) ; adjust jerk motion


    Heat Plate

    • he3e:t = heat bed

    To enable a heat plate, send this command.  Note: You will also need to include the second line of code so that the G2 board will look for a specific heat plate temp from the sliced gcode.


    M100.1 ({{he3e:t}})
    M140 S{material_bed_temperature}

    Adjust Build Volume

    • _tm:_ = axis in mm

    Specify the axis that needs to be adjusted along with the measurement of the build volume. For example, if you have flashed your G2 w the “G2CoreSimple1403.170421.bin”, the X-axis is set at 152mm. To modify this to 254mm, you would use the code below. Use this type of modification for build volume upgrades (i.e., Simple X Axis Upgrade with Heated Bed or Play Y Axis Upgrade with Heated Bed). Note: You will also need to modify the lines of start gcode that designate the probe, or “tramming”, points. see this guide for details.


    M100.1 ({{xtm:254}}) ;change x axis to 254mm

    Motor Polarity

    • po:0 = Normal motor polarity
    • po:1 = Invert motor polarity

    Rather than physically reversing the wiring position of your motor connector, you can send this command to reverse the motor polarity of a given motor.


    M100.1 ({{1:{po:1}}) ; Invert motor polarity

    Motor Mapping

    • ma:1 = Map designated motor (1) to axis

    Axes must be input as numbers. Axes must be input as numbers, with X=0, Y=1, Z=2, A=3, B=4 and C=5. Mapping motor 0 to X will cause X movement to drive motor 1. The example below is a way to run a dual-Y gantry such as a 4 motor Shapeoko2 setup. Movement in Y will drive both motor2 and motor4.


    M100.1 ({{1:{ma:0}}) ; Map motor 1 to X axis