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Printable Threaded Rod & Linear Rail ::

A printed threaded rod.  If only we had a printable linear rail to accompany such a thing…. WAIT! We do – and all thanks to PacManFan on I guess I am a PacManFan fan.  It will be exciting to see these two elements used in one printable printer! More pictures and video after the break.

World’s First 3D Printed Plane

Full article here.

FISHER UNITECH to Provide the First Cross-Over 3D Printer from Stratasys

The title pretty much sums it up. Read on here. The takeaway is that large companies are trying to find new markets for their $45000 machines.  When will RepRap provide a viable option for small machine shops to avoid paying the BIG companies BIG money?

 The Fortus 250mc is the company’s first cross-over system, combining the ease-of-use and affordability of a Dimension with the control of Insight Software.  Insight Software drives the Fortus line of 3D Production Systems, and empowers users with added control of build speed, part accuracy and feature detail.

ASTM F2915: New Standard Spec for Additive Manufacturing File Format (AMF)

One file format to rule them all!? Or at least print anywhere?  We shall see.  Download and read the unofficial draft below!

Pleasant3D on Mac OSX Rocks.



Yes, it is only available on Mac OSX.  But now you have a reason to buy a Mac.  I could not believe how much better this looks than all the other software I have used.  I am just now digging into it, but from the blog post and the videos, as well as playing around with it on my MacBook…. it looks FAR SUPERIOR.

Quadstepper Motor Driver Board

The Quadstepper motor driver board allows you to control up to 4 bipolar stepper motors simultaneously using logic level IO pins. Each motor driver has an output drive capacity of 35V and 2Amps. The board is capable of driving motors in full, half, quarter, eight, and sixteenth-step modes.

Huxley kits at about $500 – Crowd Sourced!

$500. Who would have thought!


3D Printing with Paper – sort of.

A tiny knife cuts through one piece of paper at a time and selectively glues it to the underlying layer.  Fascinating.

MakerBots’s Bre Pettis Gives Advice To Founders

There are several videos available here… Some of it is just OK and some of it is really good. Bre sounds like a great guy. To those who are a bit jealous about the success of MakerBot, I say JUMP IN and get building!

SolarSinter – Sand to 3D Glass Objects

Turning sand into glass with a sun powered 3d printer of sorts. It is primitive, but such a great idea. A really well done video here – a pleasure to watch. A bit more info here… but not much more.