Customer Stories

“I was searching for a 3D printer over the internet and found about printrbot.I checked their reviews before buying & I found out that it is one of the best 3D printers that I’ve ever purchased. The graphic quality is extremely high. It saves us time and money. Great Product Thumbs Up”

Harjeet Bedi

IT Professional, SEO Professionals India

“Thank you , Printrbot Simple with Heated Bed is really a professional printer! I recommend Printrbot. Great design and metal manufacturing quality”

Alex Catana

CEO, Websignal

“This company really does serve you with a great product and amazing customer service. their printer is of really high quality, and puts out very fine detail. Definitely a must have!”

Jesua Sanchez

Designer and Engineer, microeng3000

“I want to write and tell you what a great product that you have produced! I have been following 3D printing since it started. I was nervous to buy a 3D printer. I’m glad I did.The PrintrBot simple has been a great experience.  It has engaged my 7 and 8yr old kids. I am so very impressed. Way to go!”

Chad Theis

Hobbyist, Parent, Praire Elementary School, Waunakee WI

“We bought a Printrbot Plus for prototyping.  We love it!  We have plans to take the Printrbot to the public library this Saturday and Adams elementary school in the spring to show what it can do.  We are very pleased with the Printrbot Plus!”

Roberta Young

Designer, Werlsoft

“I got a Make magazine in the mail and It was the 3D printing buyers guide and the printer on the cover was a Printrbot Simple. I saved up my money and bought it. I completely fell in love with it the first day. I am now running a facebook shop page. Thank you Brook Drumm and the Printrbot team!”

Nick Frey

Makers, Home schooled

“Just over a year ago, my wife bought me a Printrbot Simple Metal for Christmas. I combined my loves of CAD, programming, and 3D Printing to create the FDL-1, a robotic 3D printed foam dart launcher. My Printrbot has stuck by me through over a years worth of constant printing. It’s been amazing.”

Jesse Kovarovics

Designer/Programmer, FDL Tech

“Your printers helped my smart car startup iterate our hardware prototypes a) much faster and b) at much lower cost. A great lineup of efficient, cost effective products.”

Aaron Speath

Vice President, Greetly

“I love ‘play’ version of 3D printer. Its compact and adds value to my designing tasks. My clients are more satisfied because of stylish designs and value for money. I am happy that I made a right decision by choosing the product.”


Designer, Stylo World

“We were looking for an interesting school project and came across the Simple Metal.  Fairly Simple to construct and configure.  So simple in fact that the 4 hour build was a bit short.  We added a stop motion move to the project  It is now on Youtube”

Simon Hall

Dad and IT Guy, Beaconhills College Victoria Australia

“After receiving the Printrbot Simple Maker’s Kit (1405) for Christmas, I absolutely fell in love with 3D printing. The process of building the printer was an amazing learning opportunity. It put out great prints and was just wonderful. I have now upgraded to the Simple Metal and am very impressed.”

Sullivan Prellwitz

Student, Homestead High School

“I am an older Mechanical Engineer who has been 3D printing for a hobby with a RepRap for about 3 years. I did very poorly on the Make magazine dimensional test. I just purchased the Simple Metal printer.  Great design and metal manufacturing quality. Great prints. Very happy customer.”

Cam Whitehead

Engineer, Oil Company

“Buying a Makers Kit was the best thing I did in a long time. I honestly didn’t know I would fall in love with 3D Printing after using it. And now after 6 months of owning it, I have started my own online shop and 3D Printing service for my community. Thank you Printrbot, from the bottom of my heart.”

Moinak Ahmed Mridul

Hobbyist, MakerLab Dhaka

“I got the PB Simple Metal when I was 12 in October 2014. At first, 3d printing seemed insanely difficult, and it was awfully frustrating. However, a 3d printing software called Cura changed everything. Also, PB Simple Metal can run using regular masking tape, which cuts a lot of cost!”

Lee Kern

Student, Hwa Chong Institution

“Assembling & Working with Printrbot is truly a learning experience. We’re happy with the build volume & quality of the 3d printed projects. We’re hardly encountering any errors if we follow procedures. It is highly recommended to everyone. especially to those who are entering the world 3d printing!”


Printr Bot at Robotic Institute, EduRobo

“I got my Printrbot Simple when I was 12 as a Christmas present. It was very easy and fun to build but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work. Then I went to a science convention in Washington, DC and actually met Brook the CEO of Printrbot! He helped me get it it working and its awesome!”

Anthony Mastrianna

Student, Mercer Middle School

“I am a 13 year old maker and DIYer from Guatemala.I recently got very interested in 3D printing because I think it is a tool that allows prototyping at a low cost and no high risks. I believe what you are doing is going to change a lot of lives and help a lot of makers.”

Diego Chavez

Maker, Guatemala

“I built a PB LC v2 a year ago, I’m 12 years old and I got it for my birthday, I usually print 1-2 things a day and sometimes I’ll do some more complex prints, such as the lefabshop elephant and gear cube by Emmett.”

Michael Delaney

Student, @MichaelD_33

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