What is the definition of simple?

[sim-puh l]

easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.: a simple matter; simple tools; finally a simple 3D printer that anyone can use

New LCD Panel

Color LCD

Our full color capacitive touch screen shows preview pictures, rendered images and crisp controls.

Swipe, Tap, and Print

Swipe and scroll through your projects, and simply tap to print.

Browse Your Content

Easily navigate your projects and files by touch.


Simple Settings

Use our settings to load filament, access wireless networks, and more with point and tap ease.

Wireless Updates

As we improve our software, we can update your printer wirelessly over the Internet.


Password Control

You can even lock your printer with a password to control access.

Anatomy of Simplicity

Portable. Durable. Dependable.

All metal construction, compact design and travel-ready handle. Precision machined aluminum parts that scream QUALITY.

Twice the Grip, No Slip

Extruder drive gears flank both sides of your filament to double the bite and ensure a clean, steady feed.


Swipe, Tap, and Print

Our new LCD touch screen makes it simple to manage settings, swipe through your project files and tap to print.

Well Lit Stage

Color LEDs now illuminate your 3D prints, making it easy to see the progress. And inviting you to print in the dark.


Easy Setup

No more headaches with easy on-screen calibration and auto bed leveling.

Bigger, High Resolution Prints

Increased build dimensions of 8″ x 6″ x 8,″ add up to 384 cubic inches. High resolution mode delivers .05mm layer height prints.

Filament Friendly

Supports flexibles and a vast variety of open materials out of the box.

More Brains, More Power

Critical operations are now handled and powered by three ARM processors. 32 bit processing power is finally here.


Coming Soon

New and improved heated bed upgrade coming soon. And it’s easy to install.

Introducing Printrbot Cloud


No Software To Install

Use any browser on any device. No software to purchase or install.

Connect via Wi-Fi

Send projects to your Simple with ease via wi-fi. No USB drivers to install. No worries about what OS you use.

3D Projects on Tap

Our cloud service can connect with your Thingiverse collections and import them into your Printrbot projects. It’s your 3D print wish list.

Newbies Welcome

Your files are processed and prepared for you in the cloud. No training needed. Send a project to your printer, select a file and print.


Tap and Touch Friendly

Using your mobile device to manage your projects and collections is fun, addictive, easy, and is a game changer . Printrbot is setting the standard.

Sample Files Included

We have curated an on board library of 3D projects for you to explore. Just in case you can’t wait to get started.

Made in America. Made of Metal.

Simplicity in Action

Simple 2016


The new 2016 Printrbot Simple stands alone in a crowded field of affordable desktop 3D printers. It is beautiful but different. It’s not a box, so you can watch the action from any angle. It’s small. It’s portable. It’s all-metal construction makes it a dependable workhorse built to last.