Getting Stared with Your Printrbelt


  • Click here to download exploded view pdfs.  Use them to inform you as you assemble your Printrbelt.
  • Click here to access the Printrbelt A360 design file.
  • Click here to download Blackbelt Cura control software that will slice your models properly for your Printrbelt.
  • Click here to download STL files – printable parts for your Printrbelt.


Software Setup

After downloading Blackbelt Cura, open the software and add a new printer.  Select BLACKBELT 3D > BLACKBELT 3D Printer.  After adding the printer, make the following adjustments.

Adjust Gantry Angle to 35º

Adjust Start Gcode
  • Go to Machine Settings and make the following changes.
    • X (Width) = 150
    • Z (Height) = 105