Be sure that your 2016 Simple is calibrated before running your first print.  Click here for more info.

Wifi Setup for Your 2016 Printrbot Simple

1. Powering ON your 2016 Printrbot Simple, go to settings


Then select WIFI


If your printer has never successfully connected to your local network, it will look like this (WiFi is listed as “AccessPoint”).  This means that your printer has created its own AdHoc network




The module will prompt you to connect to the AdHoc network with your computer / phone by changing the wifi network that you connect to – select “printrbot” instead of your home wifi network.

2. Follow the instructions to add your Printrbot Simple to your local wireless network. Once you choose the network you want the printer to connect to and put in the correct password, you will CHANGE BACK TO YOUR HOME WIFI NETWORK on your computer / phone.

3. Visit to create a Printrbot Cloud account.

4. After verifying your account by checking your email and following instructions there, log in at

5. Once you have logged into your account, click “Create Project”.


6.  After creating a project, you will be prompted to add a printer to your cloud account.


7.  To add your Simple to your cloud account, click “Add Printer”.
–Name your printer
–Enter the IP address displayed on your printer’s WiFi page (on the LCD on your printer, select: Settings > WiFI).
–Leave the password blank.

NOTE: If the SSID line on your LCD screen reads “AccessPoint”, you are not connected to your local network. You CANNOT use the IP address to add a printer if your printer WiFi screen reads “AccessPoint” 



If your Simple has been added successfully, you will see a green box to indicate connection status.  If you do not see the green box, refresh your browser.  Still not seeing the green box?  Click here.


8.  Click “Upload File” to add an stl model to your project (free files available at or

9.  After your file has been uploaded, go to your Projects screen on your printer, then you can click “Send to Printer” to upload the project to your Simple.  You will see a “downloading” status message on the LCD screen of your printer.


10. Once your project appears on your printer, select “open” on the LCD screen, swipe to choose the print job (file) and select “Print”. It will take a minute or so to download, so be patient and it will begin printing once its ready.

Happy printing!


2016 Simple Build Instructions:

Printrbot Printrhub Github:

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