Getting Started with Your Printrbot Play v2


Unboxing: Instructions
Software and Settings: Instructions
Your First Print: Instructions




Grip the top bar on the printer to pull your Play v2 out of the box and remove the protective plastic bag. You will also find a Laptop Power Supply (with Power Cord), USB B Cable, and Filament Sample in the box.






Cut the zip-ties (x3) that are holding the extruder assembly in place.  Make sure that you only cut the zip-ties that have still “tails” on them.  Also, pull the foam blocks (x2) from the side base panels of the printer.

*This photo is the rear view of the printer.


Software and Settings

Click here to download Cura (version 3.3.1 documented).  Click here to download the test square stl model that we will be using in this example.  …you will have to unzip the file to extract the stl.

After installing Cura on your computer, open the software and add your printer.  Scroll down to go to Add Printer > Other > Printrbot Play > Add Printer.


Once your printer has been added, find “Preferences” in the menu at the top of your screen.  Go to Ultimaker Cura > Preferences > Printers > Machine Settings.


Change the X, Y, and Z printer settings to the values listed below.  Save by clicking “Close”.

  • X = 150
  • Y = 200
  • Z = 150


Your First Print

Connect the USB B cable to your printer/computer.  Plug in and power ON your Printrbot Play v2.

Apply tape to the print bed. (You can use basic painters tape or order the tape that we use at PBHQ by clicking here)

Compress the extruder arm and feed your filament down into the extruder arm, between the drive gears, and into the hot end.


In Cura, go to File > Open File(s) and select the 3mm Box stl.  You will see a rendering appear on the build plate on the screen.


Finally, click the “Print via USB” button in the bottom right corner of your screen.  Your screen will switch to the “Monitor” tab.  Once the Extruder Temperature is reached, your print will begin!










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