Getting Started With Your Printrbot Simple

Model 1403

Assembled Printrbot Simple

Thank you for purchasing the Printrbot Simple 3D printer.  Please follow the steps below to get started using your printer.  If you run into any issues during the process, please visit Support for help and assistance if needed.

Printrbot Simple Metal Kit

Thank you for purchasing the Printrbot Simple Metal Kit.  To get you printing as soon as possible, please follow the steps on our instruction site to assemble your printer.

Files and Downloads

Quick links to resources for software, drivers, firmware, and 3D model files.




Click here for instructions on flashing the most current Printrbot firmware to your Printrboard.

Your First Print

Your Second Print


Windows 8.1 has recently dropped signed drivers to recognize your Printrbot.  For other versions of Windows, download the required USB driver from, right click on it and “Run as Administrator” to install the INF file. It should create a new COM port that you can then use in Repetier to connect.  Click here for a helpful user created guide.  Windows 8 users – if you are still having trouble, see this guide.


Helpful videos for unboxing, calibrating, and other printing related activites









Get To Know the Community

Connect with other Printrbot users through our community forum.

Connect With Others

Learn More About Our Printers

Printrbot’s official FAQ with site with direct access to support techs.

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