Getting Started With Your Printrbot Simple Metal (Model 1403)

Simple Metal KIT Build Instructions: click here

Unboxing and Getting Started

1. Unboxing Your Assembled Printrbot Simple: click here
2. Setting Up Your Auto-Leveling Probe and Your First Print: click here
3. Loading a Configuration File and Printing an STL: click here
4. Additional Getting Started Guides: click here


SOFTWARE:  Download Repetier (free software for communicating with your printer through your computer)
FIRST PRINT: FirstCube.stl (before slicing) | FirstCube.g (final gcode file ready to print)
SECOND PRINT: Simple Fan Shroud.stl (before slicing) |  Simple Fan Shroud.g  (final gcode file ready to print)
CONFIGURATION FILE:  Simple settings config file | Super User Cam Watt config file (instructions for loading the config file) Simple Slow Config file
CREATE: Download Sketchup Make to begin designing your own 3D models.
FIRMWARE: Click here to download firmware …Your Simple kit has already been flashed with firmware for the sensor.  If you need to re-flash for some reason, here are instructions for reflashing your board.
DRIVERS: Windows 8.1 has recently dropped signed drivers to recognize your Simple.  For other versions of Windows, download the required USB driver from, right click on it and “Run as Administrator” to install the INF file. It should create a new COM port that you can then use in Repetier to connect.  Windows 8 users – if you are still having trouble, see this guide.



Unboxing your Printrbot Simple
First Moves on your Printrbot Simple
Loading and Extruding Filament
Calibrating the Auto-Leveling Probe
Unboxing your Printrbot Simple & your first print
Showing off the Printrbot Simple Fan Shroud print – your second print
Microsoft video tutorial on 3D printing with the Printrbot Simple


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