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Admittedly, I have been nervous about this part of project.  Mainly because the blogs and documentation I have read to date – even the video podcasts I have watched all add up to one conclusion: The Software to run this stuff is NOT YET MATURE.  If you are new to open source software, it is almost NEVER pretty.  The UIs, or User Interfaces, are often butt ugly and utilitarian at best.  ReplicatorG is no exception.

Nowhere in the documentation does it tell you how to connect the USB cable.  This is a major oversight.  Surprising, really. Alfter I figured it out and confirmed it from a forum post, I couldn’t get the computer – my MacBook – to talk to it.  More forum time turned up the fact that there was a driver I needed to load.  The following was the useful bit:

i think you need to install the FTDI drivers for the cable. also make sure the cable is oriented the correct way (black wire to the pin the says “blk” silkscreened on the board)

the ftdi drivers are in the REPg folder in the drivers folder

i use the “/dev/tty.usbserial-FTDXR1I

Sure enough. We are talking to the motherboard now!