We had a great first meetup! We printed on the MakerBot, got to know each other, discussed our goals and next months meeting. Already, we have electronics expertise, Arduino programming expertise, and more RepRap-relevant skills representing. Woot!

We all had great excitement about next month’s meetup, too. We decided we will be focussing on ACTUALLY building RepRaps. Anyone is welcome to build the RepRap Prusa Mendel with us or pursue their own RepRap /RepStrap/MakerBot. Our goal is for every attender to eventually own and operate their very own 3D printer. We look forward to more people joining us. You don’t have to build to attend, though. Come and build, watch, or just hang out as we build our printers.

A big thank you to PFC (pfcequipment.com) – they are great people and a great company. We all appreciate their hospitality. Our meetup location is a super-nice facility. Big HDMI flat-screen, internet, podium, tables and chairs. There is also a nice break room and bathrooms too. Super clean, well thought out space!

We can’t wait for next month! I may have my first Prusa Mendel printing by then, but promise to have some parts to assemble. And I will bring the MakerBot CupCake for more printing fun. We will try to run our printers for the whole meeting this time!

See you next month – and bring your friends!