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I have designed some parts and printed them. They were mostly do-nothings, and a great start, but I wanted to build something with utility. My small little build area on my Makerbot has forced me to dream about parts that fit together to “grow” or span a greater length. I started off biting off more than I could chew, so I kept simplifying until I arrived at a design that is very small to save material. The small little parts are simple parts that fit together end to end. Every printer has its own print characteristics, so I wonder how these parts would print on another printer. I have them fitting well and now I will incorporate them into a larger design.

My ultimate plan is to create a bunch one one-trick-pony parts that I can use to build differnt tings with different needs… interlocking parts, axles with bearings, hinges, gears, etc. I would like to put all these parts into a design for an RC car. A 100% printed RC Car would be an interesting thing. It would be expandable, upgradable, and best of all (if you have ever owned an RC car) you break a part… you print a replacement.