We are half way there… 15 days are left in our 30 day kickstarter project. I keep expecting the bell curve to peak and fall but we continue to maintain $10000+ a day. Incredible.

I have been busy with emails and phone calls to key partners. Here is where we stand today…

– we now have a partner that will be packaging and shipping our printers- a company who deals with fortune 500 companies! They will be filling our orders and continuing to ensure a bright future for Printrbot. Scale has been one of my chief concerns and this partner will make it possible.
– we have secured a huge space for warehouse storage, the bot farm, assembly, quality control, packaging and shipping– all at an unbelievable price. Did I mention our killer partner?! More on who they are very soon.
– we have placed an order for 4000 motors! They are being manufactured as we speak. These motors are beefy and will allow the horsepower for future expansion if you want to upgrade your bot.
– 1000 pounds of ABS filament is on its way, with more coming soon. Printrbot.com will be a great option for your soon-to-develop ABS addiction. Remember, you will get 1 pound in your kit if you backed us at $499 and above… You may want more. Pre-orders for filament will start next week.
– we now have a small staff and a growing number of volunteers with 2 goals… Expand the bot farm and print parts!
– the electronics are in their final stages and the first round will be tested heavily on the bot farm. We have a backup plan in place if there are any delays with this new design (based on the teensylu)
– bearings, motors and most of the electronics are in our hands for the bot farm expansion
– my calendar is starting to fill. Delivery to 2 schools in the area, magazine and blog interviews, even an opportunity for an interview in a documentary about 3D printing. Cool!
– our laser cut version nears completion and may even make it in as a kickstarter reward.
– talks have begun for both injection molded parts and even the metal version of our Printrbot. I will keep you posted.
– schools and hackerspaces are contacting me to distribute or see how they can help fill orders… More on that coming soon too.

This an incredible time to be alive. Thank you all!

Brook Drumm