I have heard you all loud and clear – you want to see video!  So here is a small taste:

VIDEO: http://www.flickr.com/photos/printrbot/6503072269/in/photostream

It is only running the printrbot+ through x, y and Z, but I have been running a bit ragged.  I lost my voice so I have hesitated to do any video, but its finally coming back – so look out.  I should have some video of a little printing, the bot farm location, and a short video of me saying hello.  Not ground breaking, but I need to respond to all the requests for communication!

STABILITY: The 3 shots below are to illustrate the strength of the platform.  We put 3.75lbs. on the ends of the fully-extended platform.  Does it sag?  Only ever so slightly, but remember – its almost 4 pounds!  Don’t try this at home though… its REALLY good wine!


International Shipping

We have received some instruction from kickstarter to post new rewards for international backers – raising the price and incorporating the extra cost for international shipping.  We are heeding their advice, we have posted new rewards for all international backers for the $499 and below…  we are still working on the assembled bots — these look to be MUCH more due to the bigger boxes.  We will make every effort to reduce cost for our backers!  We are meeting with our shipping company tomorrow and will report back on the $649, $750 and $999 rewards tomorrow evening.

Here is what we have so far:

$75 + $14 = $89
$199 + $32 =$ 231
$424 + $45 = $469
$499 + $45 = $544

If you are an international backer — PLEASE MOVE TO THE THE NEW REWARD AMOUNT TO COVER YOUR SHIPPING.  If you do not, there could be delays in receiving your reward.  Move to the new reward amount that takes shipping cost into account to help us minimize any hassles or delays.

Thank you all so much.  We can’t believe you all have raised HALF A MILLION dollars!!