We are nearing the end and we are so pumped, we are throwing in yet ONE MORE option!! I know, I know, but we can’t help it – the printrbot lasercut is just killer. It is so rigid and just looks cool. And FOR THE SAME PRICE! And anyone who moves over is helping us reduce total production time (lasercutting is way faster) … win – win.

Printrbot Lasercut from Printr Bot on Vimeo.

Just to be clear, the WHOLE thing will be lasercut. I didn’t have a smaller lasercut upper assembly on hand. It’s gonna be sweet.

Please forgive the first 16 seconds … I look (and sound?) like a deer in the headlights.


Printrbot Build Volume from Printr Bot on Vimeo.


OK, seriously, I laughed at how big the build volume for the printrbot+ was when I saw it illustrated. This video will undoubtedly convince some of you that you don’t NEED a bigger printer, but wouldn’t it be cool!

Before we box yours up, we wanted you to be able to clearly visualize what you are getting.  Fun stuff.  I was shocked at how these compared.  Seeing it and holding it in your hand really helped me get my head around it.

Thanks, Mr. Tim Stark, for the great help, constructing the boxes, and being the camera guy!

We will be posting videos tomorrow and Saturday…. thank you all!

Brook Drumm