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(this is from the kickstarter page dated Jan 14.  Another update to come very soon)

I hope this finds you all well and having enjoyed the Christmas season! We had 2 weeks of family staying with us and a big family reunion.  It was crazy, but such a great time! I managed to move out of my garage before everyone arrived, so I spent the end of December setting up shop at our new location in Lincoln, CA.  I call it Printrbot HQ.  I am about half done with the space but Ikea is just 30 minutes away.

We have our laser cutter now, but haven’t yet got it all set up.  We need it to finish the bot farm.  My first goal is 10 printrbots and 10 printrbot+. We have just finished all our bottle openers, and production will start to accelerate next week. Our key components are almost all squared away with a few details being handled next week.  As far as I can tell, we are on schedule.  Having never done this at this scale, who knows?  But I feel good about our delivery outlook.

It has been far to long between updates, so please forgive me for that.  I will do my best to improve communication with at least weekly updates.  Going quiet over Christmas was intended and my family really appreciated the time I took to spend with them.

Watch the video for more info and a peek into the botfarm.  There are some photos and links below as well.

I also put up an email list signup at for those who don’t get these updates and want to be alerted when the online store goes live.

Thank you all!  

Printrboard meets Printrbot

Printrbot build pictures

 (will have the video up here soon–you can view it now on the kickstarter update #16)