Greetings! I hope this finds you all well.  At Printrbot HQ, we are working like mad towards one goal: SHIP REWARDS!  

All of our thank you cards, bottle openers, and keychains have shipped. (unless we don’t have your mailing address–if this is you, please send us your info and we’ll get your reward sent right away!) Let me make a side note here–I’ve had one report of a broken bottle opener…if this happens, I’ll replace it free.  For the first 30 days that warranty goes to any part–yes, any part.  If a part breaks, I’ll ship you a replacement part free of charge!


Everything is going well, but we are currently a week behind on our estimated ship month (Jan.) for the 29 plastic-parts-only and our 18 bare-bones kits.


These last 30 days have flown by and we have learned so much! We ramped up from an old workbench in my garage with hand tools to a fully stocked commercial space (1000 sq.  ft.) with decent tools, a bot farm, and people swarming around working.  That process was overwhelming in itself.  Only those of you who have started a “brick and mortar” business from scratch will really understand.  Instead of boring you with the painful details, I will stick to news about your rewards.


A vocal minority will be pleased hear that the files will be released this Friday.  It should be really interesting to watch what follows the release.  Some will jump in and help expand and refine the design.  Others will try to sell the parts on ebay.  Whatever happens, I am excited to see my design out there in the wild.  We have built and rebuilt dozens of Printrbots, printed thousands of parts, and logged hundreds of hours of printing.  These things work.  They work well.  Revisions on the part files have slowed and I feel good about releasing the files this week.  Enjoy.


Today, we have reached a huge milestone.  We have ordered all our electronics.  2000 assembled Printrboards, 1000 8″x8″ heater boards and 1000 6″x6″ heater boards. 


I put a signup form on if you want the inside scoop on when the store will be opening.  Those that are on the list will be the first ones with access to the store during a brief testing period – sort of a “soft opening”.  My plan is to offer all three Printrbot models, pre-built hot ends, prebuilt Printrboards (electronics),  and a few replacement parts and upgrades. We will focus on our kits, keeping the store minimalistic and clean.  We will ship all orders for Printrbot kits after the kickstarter rewards are shipped.  


If you are a backer who is already getting a regular-sized Printrbot (not a Plus), we are selling upgrades to the Printrbot+Plus for $150 BEFORE we ship your kit. You can pay the difference and we will ship you the +Plus. If you are interested in upgrading to a Printrbot+Plus, email us at:  INCLUDE your mailing address so we can verify it is you. 


This week, we are building and testing our SUPER-SIZED Printrbot upgrades… a DOUBLE-WIDE and a QUAD-SIZE bot. We need to thoroughly test these before we offer size upgrade kits in our store.  I will post pictures as soon as it is printing.

I’m including a few pics of some of the parts, and a quick video too just for fun. Thanks for your patience in all this.  We are at a new level here at printrbot — one both so exciting and completely nerve-wracking at times! But you can rest assured that I am definitely in this for the long haul!


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