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The waiting will soon be over – the store will open later this week.  We will be announcing details to the members of our email list FIRST AND FOREMOST, so sign up on the list (top right) now if you want to get a jump on it.

What can I buy?

We are opening the store with limited items – not everything we will eventually sell. Just the Basics.  In fact, we will not be selling the electronics or the hot ends individually for a while.  We will be solely focussed on all-in-one 3D printing KITS sold to individuals.  We are not ready to sell bulk orders just yet.  Large upgrades, like the Double-Wide and the Quad will launch roughly a month after we fill the kickstarter orders.  We need a little time to let the dust settle.

Our supplies are limited.  

We have stocked our shelves with lots of extra product and supplies in order to open our online store, but to be honest, we have NO IDEA what to expect in terms of the number of orders we will have.  We are so spoiled with the huge success of our Kickstarter campaign, but are ready to settle into realistic sales and production numbers. We only have a few hundred of some parts in stock, but others are not limited at all, so your experience may vary.

WHEN will your orders ship?

AFTER the Kickstarter rewards ship.  This means it could be April, or even later.  We are receiving our last items at the end of March – the stuff needed to ship all our backer rewards. The Kickstarter backers have been wonderfully patient with us, but we understand that the expectations around an online store are very different. IF A FEW WEEKS OF WAITING BOTHERS YOU, WAIT TO ORDER FROM THE NEW STORE.  We will clearly post our expected shipping dates.

So if I haven’t scared you away just yet, check back often – or just sign up for our email list.  We are almost there.

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

Happy printing,