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We have brought all our product back home to Printrbot HQ to ensure that we can finish shipping out the Kickstarter rewards as quickly as possible. Having a company help with shipping was a necessity at the time, but expensive and complex. One downside was that they could only ship large amounts at one time (usually about 100). This limitation and the fact that finances are really tightening have forced us to bring it all back home to HQ for a speedy finish.

We did find out that our countdown number was off last week, so you may be confused by the countdown number going up, not down. When I make mistakes, I own them, so please accept my apology. The new number – 518 to go – is accurate. We did, indeed, ship out 109 last week. These Printrbot kit rewards remain: 0 originals, 1 LC, 484 Plus, 24 assembled and 10 assembled with boxes.

July 5th, we start shipping from home sweet HQ! And ALL hands will be on deck to maximize throughput. I am hoping to ship out 50, but we don’t truly know what we are able to do as the Home Team. We will post daily updates around 6pm California time. We are really grateful for everyone’s patience in light of our success and the reality of manufacturing scale pushing the delivery out so far. You folks have been great and we love you all!

Happy Printing,