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Have you come across a really cool 3D model that you wish you could print, but you don’t have a 3D printer?  Or maybe you do have a 3D printer but would like to see what our Printrbot jr. is capable of?  If so, please submit your 3D model ideas and we will select various models to print.

To celebrate our latest Kickstarter project, Printrbot jr. – Your kid’s first 3D printer we will be printing different models for the remainder of the project.  So visit your favorite 3D modeling resource (ex: and submit the URL or .STL file(s) to the object you would like to see printed.

If your submission is selected, not only will we print it… but we will ship it to you for free!

See the Printrbot jr. in action – Watch LIVE!
Check out the current model being printed at Printrbot HQ.  Submit your model and you could be next!


Complete and Submit The 3D Model You Want To See Printed!