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Printrbottalk.comDo you have a technical question about your Printrbot? Do you want to know how other users have fine tuned and calibrated their prints?  Do you want to find other Printrbot owners in your area?  Or maybe you just want to discuss 3D printing in general and get to know other users within the 3D community.  If so, we would like to let you know about our friends over at

They are an online community of nearly 1,000 members that eat, sleep, and breath all things Printrbot.  Founded by plexus in December of 2011, the Printrbot Talk Forum has already generated over 15,000 posts.  They have several categories of discussions, such as:

  • My first blob
  • CAD & design
  • Newbie talk
  • Assembly talk
  • Software talk
  • Hardware & Mechanics
  • Troubleshooting talk
  • Need a part
  • Regional talk
  • Selling & Buying
  • and many more…

We also have a PBHQ Official Forum to discuss questions/issues/topics that only Printrbot HQ team members can answer. It will also be used as a channel to deliver the latest and greatest news coming directly from Printrbot HQ.  So take a break from printing and head on over to and introduce yourself!


Printrbot Talk Forum

Please note that you can also access the Printrbot Talk Forum from our Support menu.