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By Brian Heater, Senior Associate Editor, engadget

Printrbot GO – Here’s yet another in the long line of consumer-facing 3D printers brought into the world with a little Kickstarter love — well, more than a little. Printrbot creator Brook Drumm managed to raise a staggering $830,000-plus after setting a $25,000 goal. The company designed the device “to be the simplest 3D printer yet.” A small kit can be assembled relatively quickly by beginners — a sort of IKEA-esque approach to the world of 3D printing, if you will. The company also has affordability in mind, with the low-end, foldable Printrbot Jr. running an astonishingly low $399. That price helped the foldable device snag a “Best Value” from our friends over at Make Magazine late last year. The company’s line tops out at $1,500 for the moment, which will get you a Printrbot GO [pictured], a portable 3D printer that fits in a briefcase for the traveling maker. That one was created with help from Ben Heck, of course.

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