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Below is the autoresponder message you will get if you email

Basically, I want to release the Simple a day early via hackerspaces.  How? by seeding the non-commercial files to hackerspaces worldwide and having them make them and distribute to their community — with no expectation of them involving Printrbot at all. This means they charge only cost to the recipient and can source their hardware anywhere – locally if possible.

As mentioned below, the Simple Printer is unique in that it can be laser cut, made with DIY cnc machines, and even printed on 3D printers.  The official files (the ones I bless 🙂 will have interchangeable parts but as you can imagine, who knows what will emerge!?  The desired end result is more people with printers for less money and built in communities to help fix bots, train, and encourage users.

If this sounds like fun, please play along. Join a local hackerspace – if you haven’t already.  And email to jump through hoops and join the hackerspace / Printrbot army.

happy printing,



[Autoresponder message you will get if you email]

If you are getting this response, you have interest in participating in the Simple release. First, we need to verify your involvement in a local hackerspace.  Before we send files, we need an email sent to this account from an officer in your local hackerspace.  The email address needs to be listed on the hackerspace website somewhere to verify it is legit.

Once we get the green light from the officer, they can name anyone as the lead for the project.  We will assemble an email list with you on it and you will get all the updates via email.
Our hope is that we can offer an alternative to some folks who would normally go out and buy a 3d printer from us… instead, we hope they will engage with a local hackerspace to help manufacture and build it in community with others locally.
This isnt a marketing scheme.  We WILL sell a builder’s kit if you want to buy the hardware from us, but you may choose to source it locally too.  We leave that up to you.  You can buy filament from us or China…. the hope is to promote hackerspaces and the 3d printing community everywhere.
We have the laser cut files for the Printrbot Simple done and in production here at HQ, and are working on stl files for a printable version as close to the original as possible.  The printable version will have to cut some corners to fit on an 8×8″ bed, but it is totally doable. We could even spawn new approaches that can print on smaller printers – maybe even the Simple itself!  We have a hackerspace in Idaho working on a CNC version, but maybe they need help too.  This is a global community, ya know… jump in.
I will serve as lead for the launch, but I am looking for leaders in the community to step up and help shoulder the work.
Low hanging fruit incudes :
1. appointing a laser cutting keymaster to start producing the laser cut version in preparation for launch.  We just ask you not give out the kits before the launch date (yet to be determined, but no later than July 8th – the day we start shipping.
2. appointing a 3d printing lead / team to print these puppies and work through the hard stuff and hiccups. Once we get working printers that have been printed, we will be ready to release the files on launch day.
3. appoint a CNC master to test and help develop the files for cutting on a run-of-the-mill home CNC machine.  Think DIY cnc, not machine shop monstrosity.
4. round up some enthusiasts who want the SImple at an even lower price (with your help) than $299.  We want these folks to get the Simple kit a day early.
Why am I doing this?
Because I believe in the dream of decentralized manufacturing.  And because I can.  I don’t own patents, I don’t have to ask investors, or a board… Printrbot isn’t trying to position for exit plans or take investment.  I believe guys and girls in garages can change the world and I want to play a part in that.  I want kids to build projects with their moms and dads. I want libraries to find new life as fab labs. I want people to start local businesses and source locally. I want a different world than we live in today.
To be fair, this may cause a little buzz that could bring attention to the little printer company that could (that’s us). Why should the guys with big marketing budgets get all the press 🙂 If that turns your stomach, maybe this isn’t for you.
As always, feel free to post this message, pics, quotes, videos, opinions, etc as you see fit.  I have no secrets and have no problem being in the public eye and stirring up debate.
To you, of the the hackerspace ilk, I wish you well.
Keep making,