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Printrbot loves Hackerspaces.

It’s true. I love the idea of people taking initiative to build things for themselves… and people helping others learn to build. What could be better?!  So as a little gift to those who prefer sourcing and building their own stuff, I am releasing the non-commercial Simple files to participating hackerspaces.

Simple BOM (Bill of Materials)

Builder’s Kit NOW AVAILABLE at

Creative Commons License
Printrbot Simple by Brook Drumm is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at


Here is the email that went out to participating Hackerspaces:


Thank you all for participating, especially to those who jumped through the proper hoops and verified with a local Hackerspace!  I received inquiries from Australia, London, all across the USA and more.

Your end of the bargain:

#1 Give away the files to anyone who wants to make a Printrbot Simple for themselves.
#2 Do not sell Printrbot Simples.

This #2 may have some confusion around it… let me clarify. I want to encourage people to belong to a local community of Makers. This may be a hackerspace, school club, grass-roots community effort…. what have you. I completely endorse people in these communities who use community tools to make Printrbots for themselves and others. To be clear as a bell – MATERIALS COST ONLY. Do not use these files to create a package deal for classes/sessions where you build a Printrbot Simple and the fee is higher than the cost of materials. I don’t want anyone making money off of these files, or these printers in any way. Frankly, if someone wants to buy a Simple outright, we hope you will send them to to buy one. We need to stay in business and prove to the world that a business can give away hardware files and still survive 🙂

Q: “Does it bother you if we source our parts somewhere other than Printrbot?”
A: Nope. But it helps us if you do buy from us.

This is the first product that I am releasing BEFORE we ship our first sale of the completed design. I am really hoping this effort goes well and people all over the world can be introduced to 3D printing who wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. And I hope they invest in a local community of makers!

Help us make this a success!

Brook Drumm