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Check out this great article by Josh Ajima, Teacher,  We appreciate his review on our products.  We agree with Josh that the Printrbot is the perfect solution to schools/classrooms/hackerspaces on a limited budget.

“Over the past few months, I have spoken to hundreds of teachers and students about 3D printing. Teachers are excited to learn that 3D printers are now affordable enough for the classroom. My school district’s local education foundation offers $500 classroom grants for teachers.  A number of teacher and librarians have asked for recommendations for an entry level 3D printer. Here is what I would recommend for writing a $500 3D Printer grant.


First Know Why You Want a 3D Printer
3D Printing using the current fused filament technology is hard. There is endless tinkering, tweaking and troubleshooting to create a cheap plastic part. Printing is time consuming even when the printer is working. All these issues are compounded when working on an entry level printer. Given all that, do you still want to bother with a 3D printer?

For me, the answer is absolutely yes! I want students to learn about the process of 3D printing and how the printer itself works. I want students to become designers and makers and share their creations with the world. I feel like there is a window of opportunity right now where students are fascinated about taking an idea and making it into reality. Be sure your grant focuses on what students will take away from the experience rather than the hardware itself…”

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Editor Note: We have developed an all new package design for the Assembled Printrbot Simple.  The new package design provides improved stability and protection during shipping and is scheduled to ship soon.  Please follow us on Twitter as we will be making the announcement soon.  As always, thank you all for your continued support! – Printrbot Team