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award-simple-best-valueMAKE Reviews 23 Personal 3D Printers in 2014 Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing

LINCOLN, CA, November 8, 2013 — MAKE magazine, leader of the maker movement and producer of the popular Maker Faire events, once again developed test scripts and benchmarks to run the current field of 3D printers through their paces to create the Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014.  MAKE’s team of 3D testers identified the top performing 3D printers across seven classes, and named the Printrbot Simple “Best Value.”  According to the MAKE 3D printer team, “This surprising little printer is perfect for the classroom or anyone on the go.” The Printrbot Simple’s price as tested is $399, assembled.

“Printrbot’s vision is to put 3D printers in every school and every home. Price and value are the first two steps. We are just getting started.”, said Brook Drumm of Printrbot.

A team of fifteen recognized experts in the 3D printing field, and team leader Anna Kaziunas France, MAKE’s digital fabrication editor, put the printers through a battery of rigorous tests, to create side-by-side comparisons of product attributes in order to identify the top performers. The buyers guide will be available on newsstands across the country on November 12.

“This was an incredible effort by every one on our team of testers who represented a great cross-section of 3D printing gurus, from engineers to designers and artists to technology and 3D printing instructors,” said France.

MAKE published the first-ever guide to personal 3D printers last year to explain the relatively new phenomenon of personal 3D printing, and to help early buyers make smart choices. The inaugural guide featured 16 personal 3D printers on the market, with the lowest priced one around $500.

About Printrbot

Printrbot is focused on making 3d printers more accessible to the world.  Printrbot 3d printers are still the world’s most affordable 3d printers that deliver quality on par with printers many times their price.

We will not rest until every school and every home has access to this world- changing technology.


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