Next-Day Shipping!

Printrbot is currently offering next-day (business day) shipping!  This offer excludes products that specify a lead time on the product page.  Printrbot does not split up orders.  So, if you order an item with a lead time, the whole order will ship with that item.  For example, if you order a spool of filament and a Crawlbot while it is on a 1-week lead time, the filament will ship with the Crawlbot within the next week.

Can I use UPS to ship to a P.O. Box?

UPS will only accept shipments to a valid street address. We do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. If a shipper should use a P.O. Box address, the recipient´s telephone number must be included on the label. Your package that is addressed to a P.O. Box may be delayed, will not be covered by any UPS Service Guarantee, and will require an address correction charge. Additionally, Army Post Office (APO) and Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses are not accepted.

The billing address must match the shipping address for your order.  Printrbot has recently fallen prey to an increasing volume of fraudulent orders.

Within the U.S.A.

USPS First Class: For packages weighing less than 13 oz, 2-4 business days.  Good for small orders.  *NOTE: USPS does not provide tracking information for First Class shipments.

USPS Priority Mail:  Usually 1-3 business days.  Good tracking overall, but significant delays occur in the event of a problem (lost or misplaced package, for example).  Delivery speed not guaranteed.

UPS Ground:  1-5 business days in most cases, depending on how far you are from Northern California.  Excellent tracking, quick recovery if issues arise, and address changes are possible mid-route.

UPS 3-Day, 2-Day, Next Day:  Guaranteed delivery with these options on the time period you choose

International Orders

UPS Expedited:  5-7 business days, excellent tracking, and Printrbot will be notified if there is a reason for the package being delayed.  Also, UPS has “power of attorney” around the world on Printrbot’s behalf to speak for us and sign for us when necessary to keep packages moving through customs quickly.

UPS Saver:  3-4 business days in most cases, and everything said above.

UPS Express:  1-3 business days, and everything else said above.

USPS First Class International:  Limited to packages weighing 4lb or less.  2-4 weeks in most cases (maybe 1 week to Canada or Mexico), spotty tracking and no notifications if there are issues.  Almost every package does arrive to its destination, but it can be frustrating.  It is common for customers to write us having waited 2+ weeks, but we can literally do nothing but wait at least another few weeks because often packages arrive over a month later.

USPS Priority Mail Express:  5-7 business days in most cases, though significant issues can occur often with custom’s offices causing it to be much longer.  Tracking is usually good but not always consistent.  If a package has an issue in customs, or is ever lost in transit, Printrbot is not notified and neither will you be.  You will need to realize there’s a delay and hope you can chase someone down.  When lost item cases are opened, it literally takes 25 days to have it resolved.

Please note that all shipping speeds given are approximate and relate to how long the package takes once it has been shipped, not how fast the package will be shipped when you make an order.

Further FAQ:

What is the definition of “lead time”.

“Lead time” listed on a Printrbot product page refers to the window of time between the date an order is placed and shipped.  Lead time is not a “guaranteed delivery date”.

Example: If a product lead time is “1-2 business days” and an order is placed on Monday, the product would be completed (shipped) by Wednesday.  Delivery/transit times vary based on the shipping method selected upon ordering.

Printrbot does not ship partial orders.  The longest lead time item for an order is the lead time for the entire order.

Example: If an order contains an item listing a “1 week lead time” and another item listing a “1-2 business days” lead time.  The lead time for the entire order is one week.

My order shows as “processing”.  What’s the hold-up?

Not to worry!  Processing = Awaiting Shipment.  Until an order is “completed” or shipped, it will show as “processing” on your Printrbot account page.  Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email notification with tracking information.

My order qualifies for free shipping.  Which shipping method will Printrbot use?

3D Printers ship via UPS as a default because we prefer their tracking and confirmation service. However, orders for filament, accessories, etc that qualify for free shipping may ship via UPS or USPS depending on cost/location.

How do I know when my order has been shipped?

Until an order is “completed” or shipped, it will show as “processing” on your Printrbot account page.  Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email notification with tracking information.  Please make sure this email is an approved email if you have a spam folder or software that may block the emails.

Check the product page for specific lead times.  Lead time refers to the amount of time between the creation of an order and “completion”.  Delivery time is dependent on the shipping method selected and not included in “lead time”.

How do I know if Printrbot ships to my country?

At this time, Printrbot ships to every country except for Russia and Australia.  Australian customers, please visit

How much will shipping cost to my country?

Shipping fees are based on the speed you select as well as the weight of the package. You can also use our shipping calculator in the shopping cart before finalizing your order.

*The Printrbot shipping calculator DOES NOT INCLUDE DUTIES/TAXES.  The customer is responsible to pay for all fees related to importing or taxes at the local customs office. Printrbot marks items as “merchandise” and puts the value of each item on the customs form.

Does Printrbot have a CE sign on their electronics?

Our power supplies have several CE signs that comply with different countries’ requirements. The following models are CE certified.