logo-edsurgeBy Jonathan Yang

Greetings! I’m Johnathan Yang, and I am a sixteen-year-old student from 916 Mahtomedi Academy. I recently built a 3D printer along with another student (Andy Xiong), as well as with help here and there by Matt Nupen (our teacher). With extra time during our lunch break, my partner and I decided to build the 3D printer. You would think that sitting there reading instructions for thirty minutes is boring–but it isn’t! In fact, it’s surprising how much anyone can learn from this.


Learning opportunities

Being one of the builders has taught me a lot about 3D printers. I think that creating the 3D printer from scratch instead of buying an already built printer can teach you not only how the printer is designed, but also how it works.

Not only did I learn a little more about the printer, but I also figured out more about electronics and machines as well, such as how machines go together. Previously, I had no experience with how electronics functioned within a machine. For example, if you’re missing just one piece of equipment, then the whole thing can fall apart. One missing item can hold together 100 other pieces. In fact, I now know that having extra pieces is always good!

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