Recovering From Various Issues on the Printrhub

We have designed your Printrbot to recover gracefully in many cases. We don’t ever WANT you to have to use any of the instructions below. But stuff happens. So we are providing some tools below to help you recover from different failures. Use these with caution. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


MONITORING PRINTRHUB EVENTS –  Via Browser on same network: http://PRINTER_IP/events
Keep a separate browser window open and use the following address to monitor events on the Printrhub.
HINT: It helps to position this window where you can always see it. Keep in mind if one of the chips is resetting, rebooting, etc., it cannot report events, but it will once it comes back online. So don’t turn off power if in doubt.  Wait longer than you think you should. 🙂



Symptom: User Interface displays colored lines instead of buttons and pictures
Problem: The file on the microSD card that serves up the images for the UI is missing or corrupted.
Solution: You need to replace the file, either manually or use a web address to call for a replacement.

If you have never successfully setup your printer to connect to your wifi network…
2. Remove the front LCD panel (2 screws on the right and 2 on the left – NOT the 4 screws on the front)
3. Remove the microSD card from the printrhub
4. With a card reader plugged into your computer (not supplied), delete the old “ui.min” file
5.Download this new min.ui file and copy it to the microSD card.
6. Reinsert the card to the Printrhub
7. Turn your printer on to see if this fixes it. If so, turn it off, bolt your front panel back on
8. High Five someone – you did it!

OPTION TWO – Via Printrhub
If you have already successfully connected your printer to your wifi network, AND you see an “OK” button…
1. Click the OK button to accept the new update.
2. Wait very patiently. Let it download and the screen will go black… DO NOT TURN THE POWER OFF. It will reboot, and eventually return to the main screen with the UI looking normal again.
3. Look through he various screens to check that everything is working normally.
4. Turn the printer off and back on (power cycle). This is a triple check to be sure.
5. High Five someone – you did it!