Since the release of the New Simple Pro, users have been asking “When will I be able to slice my own models and print through USB?”.  Our cloud software ( gives the inexperienced user the opportunity to dip their toes into the sometimes murky waters of 3D printing without being forced to sort through seemingly endless variations of slicer settings.  However, our more experienced users (we like to call them “Pros”) wanted more control.  So, we have handed over the reigns and are happy to announce the option of USB printing on the Simple Pro.

As you might have guessed, we have been doing a lot of USB printing at PBHQ.  One of our favorite tests so far is this Knurling Bolt & Nut combo.  First, we scaled the files to max out the build volume on the Simple Pro.  This two-day marathon print gave us confidence in the Pro’s ability to produce consistent results for extended periods of time.

LARGE                                                    MEDIUM


From there, we asked ourselves “Okay, how small can we print?”.  We ran a medium sized nut/bolt combo at 0.1mm and were pleased.  …but we knew we could go further.   We eventually got down to this tiny (9mm diameter X 15mm height) nut/bolt set, printed at 0.05mm resolution.  As you can see from the video below, the threading works great, making the print a fully functional part.

  • Knurling bolt and nut: (We used the 30mm file for each of these prints.)
  • Scaling: 
    • Large Bolt – 400% scale at 0.2mm resolution
    • Medium Bolt – 100% scale at 0.1mm resolution
    • Tiny Bolt – 30% scale at 0.05mm resolution
    • Nut – Scale was increased by 2% for each nut to allow for a bit more tolerance for threading.
  • Filament: Black is the New Black and Jade Green PLA