To begin your test print for calibration:

  • Apply print bed tape
  • Power ON your Simple
  • Load filament by navigating the LCD screen: SETTINGS/Filament/LOAD FILAMENT
  • Begin the job by navigating the LCD screen: PROJECTS/TEST CUBE project/print

Finger on the “Trigger” – Be Ready to Switch OFF

As the test print begins, keep your finger on the ON/OFF switch.  If the hot end is extruding too close to the print bed, you can avoid damage to your Simple by killing the power immediately.  See images below of a printer that is calibrated too low.

If the hot end nozzle is digging into the print bed, the calibration is far too low.  Power OFF immediately.



Other indications that the calibration is too low.

  • The first layer will appear “choppy” because the nozzle is pushing the melted filament up on the sides of the bead.
  • Another indication will be a clicking extruder because the filament will not be able to flow from the extruder if the hot end is too close to the bed.



After powering your Simple back ON, go to the SETTINGS screen and tap “Calibrate”.  Adjust the hotend offset up by an increment of 0.2.  In this example, the offset is 0.1.  Adjust up to 0.3 and save.  Begin the test print again.

Repeat this process, adjusting in increments of 0.2 at a time until your first layer height is dialed in.

*NOTE: Each printer is set at a different offset.  Your hotend offset value may vary.






If the calibration is too high, the first layer will appear “stringy”.




You can cancel your print at any time by pressing the “X” and then “CANCEL PRINT” button on your LCD screen.

calibrate-11-1 calibrate-11

Once your hotend offset is properly calibrated, your first layer will look like the images below.