Adopt-A-Bot School Donation


Adopt-A-Bot Phase 2 is completed.  Click here to find out more about our new plan for getting 3D printers into schools.

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The Smalls 3D printer kit is getting a “RepRap” make-over — more printed parts to edge it closer to replicating itself with a Smalls hardware kit!  We are inviting all makers to PRINT the parts, BUILD the kit and SUPPORT a local school by donating the printer and training them how to use it. Go the extra mile and volunteer to tune it up, fix it, whatever they need to bring 3d printing to their school!

$40 covers the shipping and some of the cost, but many of these parts are up cycled, refurbished or from extra stock that Printrbot has on the shelf. We are putting it to good use – with your help – to lead the way and pay it forward for education.

Be sure your chosen school has a teacher or student that knows how to print or is willing to learn under your instruction. We don’t want these gathering dust on the shelf 🙂

View A360 Design File

The STL files will be published soon: here and on Thingiverse, youmagine and elsewhere. Everything is included except the parts you will need to print. We will publish instructions similar to the Smalls instructions, so check those out if you want to see how it goes together.

We plan on shipping all 50 kits by the end of August.

Only 50 printer kits will be available, and we are limiting one per person. So join the “Adopt-A-Bot” movement!

The Fine Print

  • NO SUPPORT – You will not be provided replacement parts under warranty or technical support to assist you. We have tested the hotness, motors and electronics. Take it up with me, Brook, if we screw up. 🙂
  • This product is considered markdown/clearance and is subject to standard Printrbot terms.  In other words, these units are not eligible for return/refund.  Click here for more information on Printrbot’s Return Policy.