G2 Firmware Update Board Swap for Windows Users


Domestic orders only.  Currently, this board swap program is not available for international shipping.  See
details below.

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This product is for Simple Pro users who wish to update their Printrboard G2 to the latest firmware, but do not have access to a Mac.  This is also for early G2 Printrboard customers who need to change the firmware that was originally flashed before shipment.

See the steps below to swap your board with Printrbot.

  1. Place this item in your shopping cart and checkout at printrbot.com.
  2. We will ship you a new Printrboard, flashed with the latest firmware.
  3. You will find a pre-paid label enclosed in the box.
  4. Use the label to ship your original Printrboard G2 back to PBHQ.
  5. Upon receipt and verification that your board is functional, we will issue a refund of $99, plus shipping.

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Simple Pro – Heated Bed Upgrade with USB Compatibility, Simple Pro – Cura/USB Compatible, Plus 1504, Simple 1403, Play 1505