Heater Core for Ubis 13S Hot End


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The heater core is the heart of the Ubis 13 hot end. Rather than using an unreliable cartridge heater to slowly warm a block of metal to transfer heat to the filament, the precision Ubis heater core rapidly delivers heat directly to the filament, potentially saving considerable time and energy.

The Ubis 13S will melt filament at temperatures of up to 270°C. Exceeding 270°C will damage components of the Ubis 13S, including the PTFE guide tube, electrical leads and thermistor. Don’t do it! Truly, 270°C is more than enough heat for most plastics. If you want to print with exotic and high-temperature plastics, consider the PTFE-free Ubis 13HT (high temp), which can be equipped with leads and a thermistor that resist higher temperatures. Note that improperly disconnecting or connecting the heater core to either the heat break or nozzle may damage or destroy the heat break.

Do NOT use the flat surfaces on the heat sink when removing or replacing either the heat break or nozzle. Do NOT touch the heater core until it has cooled completely.

Click here for the full Ubis 13S User Manual.

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