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3 LED pcb w header (RGBW) used on the new Printrbot Simple with extension cable and 3-pin breakout wiring.

Click here for Printrbotard Rev F wiring instructions.

Once you flash the board with new firmware (available via Firmware updater here and connect.
The LED bot will start with lights off.

To manipulate the lights you will use M code 355. There are 3 parameters:
S (status 1=on 2= off)
C (color 1=red 2=green 3=blue 4=white 5=yellow 6=magenta 7=cyan)
B (brightness 0-255 where 0 is off and 255 is maximum brightness)
M355 S1 – full white by default when no brighnes or color is passed
M355 S0 – turn off the light
M355 S1 C1 – red at 100% brightness
M355 S1 C1 B127 – red at 50% brightness
M355 S1 C2 B255 – green at 100% brightness


You can add these codes to your start/end gcode.
See pins that you will need to use:


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