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The Printrbot Paste & Food Extruder replaces the Simple extruder head with a heated syringe holder and a stepper motor to push the syringe down.  This allows you to dispense viscous material, like frosting or drywall compound, instead of the plastic that your typical 3D printer uses.

NOTE: This extruder is compatible with the Simple 1403 (v1 / “Simple Metal”) ONLY.  For more info, see “Which Printrbot do I Have?“.

Two (qty 2) syringes included with shipment.  For replacement syringes, click here.

For replacement tips, use standard “luer lock” needles.  Click here for an example of luer lock tips.

STL and STEP files here: 
Paste Extruder step file and STL files here: Paste Extruder Files
Fusion 360 link here:

Notes & Settings:
E steps per mm M92 E6666
Filament diameter is 27mm (tip size will vary depending on your Luer Lock tip used)
Manually position AND prime your paste by extruding until you get a solid flow before printing (no homing, bed leveling, brim, purge)
Starting Gcode: G92X0 Y0 Z0 E0 (resets all positions to zero, so movements are not limited)
We use the center – 0,0 for starting position in cura (optional) if you do, manually center tip above your print surface target
Retraction will most likely be used, but we recommend starting with no retraction to save print time. It will drool on travel moves as pressure built up in syringe is released when the motor stops extruding to move. Your mileage may vary but start with 1mm and go from there.


You can use our firmware updater and choose “Bocusini” if you have a Mac.
Firmware hex is here: bocusini-0.2.hex
Changing firmware is optional, but not necessary as long as you change your extruder steps per mm before beginning. If you leave your 3d printer firmware on there, you must leave your hotted hooked up since regular firmware requires the hotted get to around 170C before it enables the E motor to prevent cold extrusion. The Z max endstop is optional – its a safety feature. If you watch your print, the Z max endstop is not needed.

Technical Specifications:

152mm max print width (x axis)
130m max print depth (y axis) reduced from standard 152mm on Simple
127mm max print height (z axis) reduced from standard 152mm on Simple

Max temperature for heater: 90 degrees C / 194 degrees F (about 7 minutes to get to temp)

Construction: Powder coated aluminum, machined aluminum, injection molded and 3d printed
Nema 17 stepper
Small gear: 13 teeth
Large gear: 43 teeth
1.4″ /20 Acme  push rod & nut
Heater block hole size: Aluminum ID 29.6mm; Delrin ID 29.73mm
Plunger travel distance: roughly ~130mm
Accepts included 60 ml syringe (29mm ID, 26mm ID)

E Endstop Pin assignments:  Requires New firmware listed below
EXP1: Pin 1 = E max endstop ground (black wire)
EXP2: Pin 1= E min endstop ground (black wire)
EXP2: Pin 5=E min endstop positive (yellow wire)
EXP2: Pin 6=E max endstop positive (yellow wire)

Must move “Z-VSEL” jumper on printrboard to 5V… the Z max endstop should be delivered with the black wire moved to the center pin on the wiring plug.   If confirmed, plug it into the Z endstop plug, previously occupied by the Z sensor (which you must unplug).


Assembly Required: YES. This is for experts only. You have to take the existing extruder assembly off, mount the paste extruder head, attach the new Z max endstop, and plugin the new wiring to the Printrboard. You must flash your firmware and learn the nuances of extruding whatever material you are using.  This will require MUCH trial and error. Getting good results is pretty hard, make no mistake. We love this stuff, but you should be a trail blazer with a lot of patience to embark on this journey!

Print Your Own Parts: You will need to print many of your own parts to complete this extruder.

Reflashing Printrboard with New Firmware: Click to download –> Paste Extruder.hex
Instructions on how to load firmware here:

ATX Power Supply NOT included.  If you plan to heat the material that you will be extruding, you will need an ATX power supply. The laptop power supply is not sufficient to heat the extruder.

Printrboard Pins: Review the installation instructions below.  Header pins are required for wiring.  The Printrboard currently ships WITHOUT pins on EXP1 and EXP2, which are required for this product.  To purchase pins separately, click here.


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 12 x 4 in