Printrbot CNC v2 Bare Bones BETA Kit

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The CNC v2 Bare Bones BETA kit is a stripped down CNC router kit for experienced builders to do some leg work and save a few bucks.  It gives you options.  Make your own decisions on electronics, extrusion, and router choice…among other things.  We will handle the essential parts manufactured here at Printrbot. We will also provide the hardware that accompanies it since self-sourcing these costs a lot more money and the quantities would be way to high if you went out and bought them off the shelf.

NOTE from Brook: Once we test out various sizes and configurations of this CNC, we will offer a couple COMPLETE kits with everything in the box. We will also offer an upgrades to the base kits so you can either upsize your CNC cutting area, add functionality, or speed and rigidity. This is the first step – to get the design in the hands of experienced users and gain momentum.


  • 25x flat aluminum plates (water jet in-house, drilled, tapped and sanded)
  • 9x Delrin wheels (machined locally and assembled with 2x 608ZZ and spacer)
  • 2x Linear Z Rails (200mm / 7 & 7/8″)
  • 3x Linear Rail Carts for Z
  • Various Bearings, Screws, Nuts, and other Hardware (not shown in current photo):
    See detailed spreadsheet here (LINK)
  • Router Mount fitted for Dewalt DWP611 (similar to OpenBuilds Design)



Really, its up to you. Design files will be posted soon and you can decide what works for you. We are finishing up build instructions with animations of each stage to aid your building process.

  • Cutting Area of ~ 16″ x 17″ – this is our first choice for beginners since it requires the least investment in extrusion. It fits on a workbench and remains light and small enough to move it around pretty easily.
    3″ x 1.5″ Extrusion Lengths cut from a single 72″ stick (~$59 ea.): 3x  23 7/8″ lengths 
    1.5″ x 1.5″ Extrusion Lengths cut from two 72″ sticks (~$30 ea.): 2x 24.5″ lengths, 4x 21.5″ lengths 
  • Other sizes are still in the test phase. We will recommend other options when they are proven to work.

Keep checking back…. more and more info will be available here.

We are just getting started.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 4 in