Z Lead Screw 4-Start Upgrade


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4-Start metric threaded rod upgrade for current Printrbot models (Play 1505, Simple 1403, and Plus 1504).  This upgrade includes a machined aluminum 5mm coupler, and AF delrin Z-nut(s).  The AF delrin boasts properties of “improved wear characteristics along with strength, toughness, dimensional stability and machinability.”  For more on AF delrin, click here.

NOTE: After installing your Z Lead Screw 4-Start Upgrade, you will need to update your steps/mm.  Enter the following command lines in your control software.

  • M92 Z400
  • M500
  • M501

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Z Lead Screw Upgrade

Play – 181mm length, Simple – 240mm length, Simple w Super Z – 290mm length, Plus – 355mm length x2

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